Product EMC standards

Listed below are the most common commercial product standards availble at ITC Services. Each of these specifications refer back to a variety of basic EMC standards which could include, but are not limited to Electro static discharge, surges, fast transient voltage interruptions etc.



Equipment category


Applicable standard

  • Industrial, Scientific and medical (ISM) equipment--------------------------------------
  • Broadcast receivers and associated equipment ---------------------------------------
  • Household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus -------------------------
  • Lighting equipment --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Information technology equipment (ITE) -------------------------------------------------
  • Equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use ----------------------------
  • Detonators -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • EMC for Radio equipment and services---------------------------------------------------
  • EMC and ERM for short range devices---------------------------------------------------
  • Essential requirements for GSM band 900 & 1800-------------------------------------
  • IMT cellular networks essential requirements--------------------------------------------
  • Wide band transmission systems operating in the 2.4GHz ISM band---------------