EMC/EMI Consultation

ITC Services is able to offer a consultation service with expertise on EMC / EMI related topics. We own sufficient EMI test equipment to accomodate a large number of off-site measurements.


Services we offer:


  • -- EMC Management plans
  • -- EMC Control plans
  • -- EMC Evaluation and test procedures
  • -- Theoretical EMC analysis (first order)
  • -- Interference investigation
  • -- Consultation of non-conforming products
  • -- Radiation Hazard measurements
  • -- Shielding and filtering
  • -- Site measurements


National Committee

ITC Services participates in the South African mirror committee of IEC TC 106 (Methods for the assessment of electric, magnetic and EM fields associated with human exposure) as well as the National Committee of IEC TC 73 (Electromagnetic compatibility) and the South African EMC Specialist Technical Committee.